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Bold Power Services  PTY(LTD) offers electrical services available in the elctrical field from domestic to industrial  works.The company has been acredited by an electrical board of south africa as a qualified contractor and service provider.


BOLD POWER SERVICES PTY (LTD) is  also abides by the strict amendment of south African National Standard (SANS) in all services being carried out.



Bold Power Services Pty(Ltd) offers solutions on electrical services,Our expertise is enabling us to archieve and come up with a winnable solutions to our clients.




  • BOLD POWER SERVICES PTY(LTD) is to ensure that animals ,people and properties are protected from hazards that can arised from the opperation of electrical installation under both normal and fault condtion.For example  -electric shock ,under voltage and overcurrent that may occur.



Services  - construction 

domerstic  installation starts  laying of conduits  and slap boxes  for  preparation of concrete slap.

main distribution baords  to serve various electrical points consider balacing of the total load of electrical installation


fault  finding 

this occur where electrical wiring  installation find leakage current, a special test with the device is carried out to determined the fault.